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The purchase of your travel booking consists of a contractual agreement between the customer(s), traveler(s), and/or buyer(s), (which is collectively known as “You” and “Traveler“), and Accurate Flights (Canada) Inc. dba Accurate Flights and for leisure customers of Accurate Flights Travel (“Accurate Flights “, “We”, “Us“) pursuant to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions“):


Accurate Flights plays the role of a travel agent only. Most of them, if not all, of the services that constitute your travel booking are offered by independent third-party travel suppliers including without restriction, car rentals, accommodation, airlines, (“Travel Suppliers“). Being the agent of the travel supplier, when you make payment of your travel booking to us, it ties you to the terms & conditions of the Travel Suppliers, and:

  • If due to any reason, any Travel Supplier is not able to offer the services for which you have contracted, Travel Supplier will be responsible for this, and we are not held liable for that.
  • We do not recommend or represent that particular travel products or services will be best for you and we do not accept legal liability or responsibility for any services offered by a Travel Supplier that does not fulfill your expectations.
  • We depend on the data that is provided by the Travel Suppliers to help you to make a wise decision, but we cannot ensure the degree of accuracy in respect thereof.

There may be cases when flight times, accommodations, and or other travel services which you have booked may change even after the entire booking process is completed and full payment is received. It is suggested that you make yourself informed with the terms and conditions of the respective Travel Suppliers by going through to their websites or brochures. Please make sure that we have your latest contact information so that we can inform you of such changes prior your departure date and also while you are at your destination. Any personalized travel requests by you are entirely based on availability and (e.g. seat or room allocation) cannot be ensured.


Prices and availability displayed or quoted can change (at the sole discretion of our Travel Suppliers and are due to space sell out/demand) at any time until entire payment has been collected and tickets have been delivered. If the total price of the travel services being offered is boosted and the cumulative increase, except any increase that results from an increment in retail sales tax or federal goods and services tax, is greater than 7 percent, then you have the full right to cancel the contract and ask for a full refund. Please remember that all airfares and tour operator costs can change anytime and that too without any notice if full payment for booking has not been received. Accurate Flights does not guarantee that prices will not change until booking is paid in full and an increment must be borne and paid by you upon demand either by Accurate Flights, the tour operator, the airline, or the Travel Supplier. Furthermore, please keep in mind:

  • The number of nights mentioned in the travel packages is entirely based on travel dates. It is not based on the number of nights of accommodation.
  • Additional costs like airport and/or car rental fees and/or hotel and government taxes (apart from sales tax) may not be included in your air ticket purchase. These are mostly collected at destination. Seat selection and resort stays may also incur some charges.


All deposits made by you are totally non-refundable. Final payment should be made in no less than 60 days before departure date unless otherwise stated. There are some airfares or services that must be paid in full at the time of booking. If by any chance you miss the final payment dates, your itinerary will be cancelled and deposits forfeited.


If due to any reason, any Travel Supplier is not able to offer the services for which you have contracted, Travel Supplier will be responsible for this, and we are not

held liable for that and in the event that payment has been made to Accurate Flights by credit card, you give your consent that you will not seek to chargeback your payment to Accurate Flights. If the credit card is passed through to the Travel Supplier and you want to chargeback your payment from the Travel Supplier, you concur to be held liable and indemnify Accurate Flights against this chargeback from Travel Supplier, including without restriction any air debit memos charged to Accurate Flights. If Accurate Flights incurs any costs, including but not restricted to legal fees to reclaim any payments charged back by your credit card company, you concur that you will be responsible for those costs. If your credit card, used as the form of payment is rejected, you ensure that you will clear any amounts owing to Accurate Flights through another payment method instantly. Furthermore, if your credit card is rejected, you understand that neither rates or space can be held, and no section of your travel booking will be finalized until which time full payment is accepted.


It is your duty to have a legal passport, visa and/or other travel document. A passport is the only legal and universally accepted travel and recognition document. Using other documents like travel documents or refugee status cards may result in delaying the process or being declined boarding. We will assume that all the travelers on the booking already have valid Canadian passports, if this is not the case, then you need to let us know immediately. You will be held liable for any fines, penalties, or payments incurred as a result of those documents not meeting the prerequisites of those authorities. Please carefully read the following requirements:

  • If you wish to change your stay period for more or less days then there will also be change in the documentation needed to travel.
  • Any visa advice given to you directly rely on the correctness of the information given by you. Visa advice is current but can alter before your intended journey date.
  • You must verify your entire documentation requirements when travel date nears.
  • If you fail to provide the required documents then you may be declined boarding privileges by the carrier or the concerned authorities, without further recourse or the likelihood of a refund.
  • If you are aCruise passenger, you must provide a valid passport, despite of the entry requirements for their country of embarkation.
  • In order to re-enter Canada; all non-Canadian passport holders will need to give evidence/proof of valid Canadian Permanent Residency, a legal Canadian visa or evidence of outbound ticket including visa exception allowance. Citizens from countries apart from the United States (U.S.) who do not require a visa in order to enter Canada, will need to get an ETA prior flying to Canada. For travelers who are entering Canada either by land or sea do not need an ETA.
  • Immigration authorities have the sole discretion to decline entry even when the required documents are provided. A Traveler having criminal background may be declined entry.
  • We suggest you that you should consult with the Consular Affairs Bureau for Canadians Abroad or go through online the Essential Information for Canadian Travelers Guide at voyage.gc.ca to study about personal requirements.
  • In some countries, international health certificates and vaccinations are needed. There may be case, where failure to provide the required vaccination documentation may result in you being declined entry into a country. We suggest that you should consult this with your local doctor, specialist vaccination clinic or travel medical service prior beginning your travel. You can also get General health advice for the destination you want to visit on the Government of Canada Travel and Tourism website at https://travel.gc.ca/
  • Some countries need a special international driver’s permit and/or international evidence of insurance to be issued to travelers.
  • For all those who are taking domestic flights: all passengers must be in possession of government-issued photo id. Children under 16 years of age should carry proof of identity, if there is no photo ID available.


For your safety, we suggest that you buy trip cancellation and travel accident protection.  However, no portrayal or description of the protection made by Accurate Flights to you, comprises a binding affirmation or promise about the protection. Accurate Flights is not an insurance company and has no accountability for the payment, submission, or adjustment of any of the insurance claims. Any claims that may come under the concerned travel protection policy must be deposited to the insurance company identified in the policy.


Please keep this in mind that, in the main, flight and travel bookings are totally non-refundable and non-reroutable. Any modifications or amendments to passenger(s) details or itinerary are either not allowed or will incur charges in the form of a penalty from the respective airline, Travel Supplier, or Accurate Flights as prescribed from time to time. You need to check your Invoice and Itinerary for penalty details. By agreeing and accepting these Terms and Conditions, Accurate Flights is hereby authorized by you to seek to reclaim any refunds/credits that may be available from any airline and other Travel Suppliers from time to time. Once travel has commenced, Airline tickets are generally non-refundable. If you cancel or alter any flight segment or portion of your travel booking, you must tell the Travel Supplier before the time of the initial departure of travel booking or you will lose the value of the remaining segment of your travel purchase. Any modifications to the quantity of passengers is subject to occupancy change costs impose by the Travel Suppliers.


It is your duty to confirm the timings of your flight departure at least 24 hours before departure. Some airlines will have schedule modifications and your flight timings may be different from what is mentioned on your Itinerary. We suggest that you reconfirm your onward and return flights at least 3 days before each journey. Accurate Flights is not at all responsible for such schedule modifications.

All passengers are required to check in at least 2 hours for domestic and 3 hours for international flights before the scheduled time of departure of their flight because of advanced security measures. We suggest you to do online check-in as it is available with most airlines at least 12 hours before to departure and for most cruises, at least 72 hours before. Please keep in mind that all travelers must be available with their boarding documents, passport and visas required for the destination. Any passenger arriving late for check-in process will be declined boarding.


You should be aware that not all air carriers have the same set of rules and baggage allowance policy and therefore it is vital to check the policy prior to preparing your trip. Weight, piece limitations, excess and as well as baggage costs can differ from one air carrier to the another.


We always strive do our best to ensure your travel arrangements are more than satisfactory. However, Accurate Flights and its employees, affiliates, officers, shareholders, subsidiaries, agents, directors, successors, and assigns do not own or operate any entity which offers goods and services for your travel including without restriction, hotel, airline, vessel, local ground operators, motor coach, or other transportation companies, food service providers, guides or guide services, providers or organizers of optional excursions, etc. All such persons and entities are independent contractors and are in no way concerned or affiliated to Accurate Flights.


Accurate Flights is not responsible for any type of negligent or failure to act of any Travel Supplier or of any third party.  In addition and without restriction, Accurate Flights is not liable for any injury, inconvenience, loss, delay, death, or damage to any person or property in connection with the provision of any goods or services whether resulting from, but not restricted to, acts of God or force majeure, acts of war or civil unrest, illness, disease, animals, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, insurrection or revolt, mechanical or other failure of airplanes or any other means of transportation, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, or for any failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time. Also keep in mind that certain foreign facilities such as air-conditioning systems in hotels, public places, and motor coaches may not be up to Canadian standards. If due to weather, flight timings or other factors that are beyond control require to spend additional night(s), you will be liable for your own hotel, transfers and meal costs. Baggage is completely at owner’s risk. You may see the name Accurate Flights affixed to motor vehicles, or may see signs around the hotel or elsewhere. This use of our name is purely for the purpose of identification and does not denote any type of ownership, supervision, or control by Accurate Flights in any way. The prices of these tours rely on rates in effect (including foreign exchange rates) at the time of printing and are can change without any notice. Under circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, such liability is restricted to the value of the purchased travel arrangements. You specifically agree that Accurate Flights is not at all responsible for any consequential loss or damage.


Either you are travelling solo or accompanied by an adult, each child must travel with his/her own travel documents and that is, a passport and appropriate visa, plus the required documentation to support the travel documents: i.e. birth certificate displaying the names of both parents and/or legal documents pertaining to custody.

  • Whenever an adult is travelling with a minor child, it is strongly suggested to hold a notarized letter of travel consent signed either by other parent(s) or guardian(s) with legal custody. The letter must include the address of the signor’s, phone details, the destination, authorization to travel and the length of stay.
  • In case your parent/guardian is divorced or deceased, a custody document or death certificate should be attached.
  • For unaccompanied minors travelling please give the details of the person who is held liable for meeting or picking the minor at the destination to your travel agent and the airline.
  • It is your duty to carry all documents including those for infants and children, as needed by concerned government authorities of the country you are going to visit.
  • Some countries have very specific rules and regulations regarding cases where both the parents are not travelling with a child. We suggest you to have some information from the consulate of destination in this case.
  • If you want to have more information concerning children and travel, it is available with the Government of Canada Travel and Tourism at https://travel.gc.ca/


Travelers should be aware of the fact that there may be different living standards and practices exist outside of Canada including but not restricted to: provision of utilities, for instance Water and electricity; hotels; services of all kinds; food; food preparation and quality of water, and therefore:

  • Accurate Flights shall not be held liable for any kind of loss, illness, damage, or injury resulting from varied living standards. You should always keep the state of the local economy along with the country’s level of development in mind.
  • The quality of hotels for accommodation purpose advertised by our Travel Suppliers has been rated in conformity with the normal standard of the destination and could vary from the standard of Canadian hotels. There is no international standard and they can differ greatly.
  • Hotel ratings also differ between one Travel Supplier to another for the same service or product. We suggest that you should research thoroughly on the amenities and reviews of hotels/accommodations before deciding.
  • Service may be delayed or disrupted at any time for renovations, construction, or maintenance. Accurate Flights is nothing but an agent only and cannot be held liable for issues such as quality or interruptions of service.
  • If you have any questions, do ask and also research on your own to make sure that you are prepared for every eventuality
  • It is possible that you will face minor issues that are sometimes uncontrollable and unavoidable. Please initially try to solve the situation locally directly with Travel Supplier(s) and then reach out to your consultant.
  • Cruise lines mostly gather pre-paid gratuities at time of check-in and possibly fuel surcharge. Please go through your cruise documentation carefully or inquire with your travel consultant.
  • Most of the independent Travel Suppliers need the presentation of a major credit card at the beginning of service to cover any additional incidentals and/or for potential damages. It is suggested that you should have at least $1000.00 funds available on the credit card.


Accurate Flights is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its clients. Accurate Flights gather personal data for the reasons described in Privacy Policy, the paramount purpose of which is to deliver and offer several travel services and products. Accurate Flights will also give personal data to trusted third parties Accurate Flights contracts with. These third parties may reach out to you in order to improvise the quality of service you receive from us. By giving your consent to these terms, you agree that we may use and share your personal data in the ways set out above and in our privacy policy.


Both parties agree that you may acknowledge and concur to these Terms and Conditions either electronically, by handwritten signature, or by any other electronic means, including without restriction acknowledgement through email acceptance of these Terms and Conditions; or by your implied acceptance deemed through your actions which shall include without restriction the payment of the Invoice and/ or your utilization of the Services provided by Accurate Flights or any other Travel Supplier related to your booking process. All these types of means will be deemed to constitute effective affirmation and execution of this Agreement and shall be enough to connect the parties to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


This Agreement is controlled by and is to be explained and interpreted in conformity with the Laws of the Province of British Columbia and the Laws of Canada applicable in that Province. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Vancouver, British Columbia to fix any disputes which may emerge in connection to this Agreement and/or sale in general by Accurate Flights to the client.

We strongly suggest that you re-confirm your flights at least 24 hours before your departure time.